BLOOM’s World Digital Weeks

As already announced, there will be no IPM fair this year and we will not have the opportunity to meet in person, which we regret very much. Instead of IPM, we will be doing digital BLOOM’s World trend weeks on our online channels (beginning Jan 25) where we will be presenting a lot of new … [Read more…]

PRAXIS January/February 2021

In our current issue of our German magazine PRAXIS we present a lot of ideas for the upcoming spring season. The portfolio of topics in this new magazine issue presents you with lots of ideas full of esprit and refreshing innovation. The focus is on naturalness and craftsmanship – aspects that are increasingly desired and … [Read more…]

View Spring/Summer 2021

The year 2021 starts floristically with the variety of ideas and inspiring floral designs from the current BLOOM’s VIEW for spring and summer. We present the trends of 2021 and show summer floristry with sophisticated techniques. The fact that less is more has long been a trend theme in floristry! Let yourself be inspired by … [Read more…]