BLOOM’s VIEW Wedding 2020 shows you all forms of bridal floristry: from creations such as love letters to a wedding on the airfield with a wanderlust factor and a bright, colorful tropical style. There are also table, room and church decorations, a floristic photo shoot and bridal jewelry ideas that literally give wings to the … [Read more…]


The current issue of our PRAXIS presents vitalising and refreshing ideas for B2B business, table decoration ideas, bouquets that reflect the colour spectrum and variety of summer. Get the right inspiration for your daily business! The different coloured categories illustrate more ideas to: seasonal floristics, gifts, series, table decoration, everlasting decorations, grief, wedding, business, bouquet … [Read more…]

Video: Bridal Bouquet

Glue a dry floral foam semi-sphere to a circle of cardboard adorned on the underside with deco paper. Insert a bamboo stick for the handle, affix with hot glue and wrap in deco cord. Cover the foam with paper and double-sided clear tape. Arrange linden infructescence with its bracts on top and insert an additional … [Read more…]