Wooden Advent Wreath

Unearthed retro beauties and fairy-tale figurines come together in these decorations to make a Christmas celebration filled with childhood memories. Applying this particular style will create Advent wreaths with a modern interpretation coupled with nostalgic family moments. You like the idea? You find more in our VIEW Bookazine Find out how to make this wood … [Read more…]

X-Mas Trends 2019

Inspired by current trends, developments in interior design and fashion, the BLOOM’s trend team presents five inspiring themes that will inspire you to try new approaches to tradition and the past. These themes play with global influences, a new kind of luxury and neo-romanticism, but also with rediscovered purism. They allow for combinations rich in … [Read more…]

PRAXIS July/August 2019

Floristry ideas for midsummer and holiday weeks! No matter how you spend the summer, whether on holiday, in the garden or on the land, floristic floral decorations are always part of it! The current issue of PRAXIS provides you with the right ideas and creative suggestions. The different coloured categories illustrate more ideas to: seasonal … [Read more…]