Once again, autumn with all its opulence, cornucopia of fruit and glorious colours is almost here. It is often associated with traditional, frequently rustic looking shapes and designs inspired by the countryside. In the first part of our magazine, we show you how to design such arrangements with modern aspects in a way that is trendy and contemporary. Winter brings us Christmas and therefore a brilliantly beautiful finish to the year. None of the regular festivities throughout the rest of the year are celebrated with so much glamour, decorating enthusiasm, dedication and also effort. Creating something new and surprising, something truly beautiful and
extremely appealing every year despite the at times overwhelming abundance of festive designs on the market calls for truly artistic floristry skills!

To help you with and to inspire your creativity, we again researched the latest trends in 2018 in order to then interpret them in the form of florist’s arrangements.

Abbonamenti ITALIA

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