Book „The Christmas Factory“

Festive decorations crafted from seasonal materials

Christmas and the Advent season are almost unthinkable without cones,
nuts, wintergreen foliage, Ilex berries, hellebores, the scent of apples and amaryllis
flowers! Candles, ribbons, Christmas tree decorations and Advent- or Christmasthemed
craft projects, flower arrangements and decorations are all part of the season.




We have opened our workshop, set up the toolbox and assembled all of the decorating
elements and materials previously mentioned, some of which we collected outdoors. All of us had carefully studied the latest trends before we started, thought about new techniques and let our creativity run free.
And then, it was time to begin. The ideas simply poured out; one thing led to another; each new, unfamiliar technique fuelled our creativity and finally, it was ready: the cornucopia of festive Christmas decorations from XXS to XXL that is this book.
We have divided it into seven chapters according to the seasonal materials used. We are now passing this treasure trove of Christmas-themed craft projects on to you in the hope that our enjoyment of the exciting run-up to Christmas will inspire your creativity. Whether you are a professional or simply love making your own decorations, we want to share the designing and crafting fun we had with you.

The Christmas Factory
Festive decorations crafted from seasonal materials
144 pages, format 24 x 28,2 cm, text: german/english, Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-945429-01-3

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