Video: Sphere Designs

Floral containers can be designed with all kinds of floral materials using hollow Styrofoam spheres as a base. In a workshop at SIKASTONE in Beijing, Klaus Wagener demonstrated how textures and structures can play out their design effects and how to select matching florals for inside.

Green Living

Durable Plants The trend towards green living is in and we believe that plants are clearly part of interior design! For room situations and conditions that are unfavourable for living plants (and for all those whose thumbs are not really green), replicated specimens of tropical and subtropical plants are ideal. In this way, decorative details … [Read more…]

Video: Floral Arches

Floral Arches Movement and tension, bridging and static support – these terms are all associated with the arch form. When created with floral materials, depending on the technique, the resulting workpieces more or less reflect these attributes in their creative expression. However, a reduction to the essential is always in the focus. Klaus Wagener demonstrates … [Read more…]