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Trends 2017


WHAT’S NEW THIS YEAR? Over the past few months our BLOOM’s trend scouts Marion Bauer, Klaus Wagener and Dany Eschenbüscher once again monitored the world of fashion, trends in architecture as well as the interior designers and creators of new materials and products. Parallel to that, they analysed market trends, studied magazine publications and visited … [Read more…]

Lasting floral room decorations

Floral Room Divider

Lasting natural materials, high-quality silk flowers and fresh cut florals in slim bottles or glass tubes are the ideal ingredients for decorating ready-made structures and frames for room dividers. There is virtually no limit to the creative diversity in constructing such large interior decoration elements and the flexibility of using them. We present four designs … [Read more…]

Succulent survival artists in bowls

1115107-300004w Vorschau

Succulent plants are draught-resistant and therefore equipped to survive unfavourable conditions in soil substrate with minimal nutrients. Although this makes them sounds a bit austere, when used in floral designs these plants are transformed into beauties with very special impact. Please follow and like us:

HTD Video Bamboo Circle


We love inspiration, creativity and innovation. So do you? In this video we show you how wonderful beautiful floral design and bamboo can match. Have fun watching! Check out the new issue of BLOOM’s View World! Please follow and like us:

HTD Video Easternest


This Easter nest is springlike easy, isn’t it? The filigree blossoms and the loose intertwining of the branches contribute to this! In this video, we will show you step by step how to create it. Check out the new issue of BLOOM’s View World! Please follow and like us:

BLOOM’s View World 1/2017 Spring • Summer

BLOOMs View World 1-17

THE MAGAZINE FULL OF IDEAS, INSPIRATION AND INFORMATION Trends 2017 Here we show you floral interpretations for these five up-to-the-minute trend themes with new products, materials, colours and textures: Yellow freshness Nature enthusiasm Blue winners Soft inspiration Warm appeal For all occasions of the heart Floral gifts full of deep feeling and affection For the … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s World 2/2016 Autumn • Winter

BWorld3 Slider 980x500

Festive elements with fine contrasts: The new Floral Designer’s Collection for Autumn, Winter and Christmas 2016! AND HERE ARE OUR THEMES: WINTER AND CHRISTMAS TRENDS Emotion, handcrafting, contemplation and yearning determine this year’s trends for the festivities. We introduce them to you with the florals that fit. ADVENT WREATHS FROM NATURE Bark, fibres, twigs and … [Read more…]