Green Living

Durable Plants

The trend towards green living is in and we believe that plants are clearly part of interior design!

For room situations and conditions that are unfavourable for living plants (and for all those whose thumbs are not really green), replicated specimens of tropical and subtropical plants are ideal. In this way, decorative details can also be combined that would disturb or suffer in living plants.

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Vase duo with epiphytic character
The vases are filled with scenes that seem to have been taken from nature. Epiphytically populated branch niches including lianas winding through them are reproduced.

Exotic fern meeting
The wood elements play a major role in the natural effect. It may be a natural root cartilage as well as a branch disc with natural bark placed on the edge of the vessel.

Lively looking mural in 3D
Only the square frame made of pieces of branches shows at first glance that nothing has grown here, but was designed in the style of nature.