Book „Natural & Handcrafted“

Whether on a walk through the woods or on a stroll through your own garden, when walking past the edge of a corn field on your way home or as you go back to the house from the herb garden – nature always has smaller or larger treasures to offer that challenge your creativity and simply have to be collected. Back home, you can let your imagination run wild and start crafting with the hugely diverse materials nature has provided for free. This kind of crafting and flower arranging is particularly enjoyable and satisfying as the leaves, shoots, cones and flowers are so rustic and authentic looking, which was the inspiration for this book. It contains a host of my creative ideas with materials supplied by nature’s workshop, which we are sharing with you in the hope that they will motivate you to copy me. The focus is not only on the decorative value of the work but also on the joy of joint crafting activities with friends, family members or children. Joy shared is joy multiplied, and the interaction with others results in mutual inspiration.

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