WHEN FLORISTS GET MARRIED Anna Wagener – Jos Verboom Klaus Wagener’s daughter Anna Wagener and Dutch florist Jos Verboom of specialist hellebore nursery Kwekerij Verboom got married in the summer of 2018. Of course, Klaus Wagener and his wife Bernhild wouldn’t have dreamt of letting any one else do the floral decorations, which had to … [Read more…]


ON A GRASS-GREEN BASE Bunch up some leaves of Miscanthus sinensis and fasten the bunch with myrtle wire. Divide the bunch into three strands, braid these into a plait and secure the end of the plait with myrtle wire. Shape the plait into an interlocked spiral and fasten with wire. The perfect bouquet for the … [Read more…]

Myplant 2019, the International Green Expo

Myplant has once again surpassed the expectations and it has closed an extraordinary edition with more than 20,000 visitors (+16,5% if compared to the 2018 edition). The fair is a reference not only for Italian operators in the green sector but also for the rest of the world. In three days the halls of Fiera … [Read more…]