Book „Floral Living“

Everlasting decorations Flowers and plants have a reviving effect and bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere to any room. This new book with everlasting floral arrangement examples designed by the creative head of the BLOOM’s design studio, Klaus Wagener, and the florist Radko Ivanov Chapov supplies new and inspiring ideas on the subject. The unusual … [Read more…]

Trends 2017

WHAT’S NEW THIS YEAR? Over the past few months our BLOOM’s trend scouts Marion Bauer, Klaus Wagener and Dany Eschenbüscher once again monitored the world of fashion, trends in architecture as well as the interior designers and creators of new materials and products. Parallel to that, they analysed market trends, studied magazine publications and visited … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s View World 1/2017 Spring • Summer

THE MAGAZINE FULL OF IDEAS, INSPIRATION AND INFORMATION Trends 2017 Here we show you floral interpretations for these five up-to-the-minute trend themes with new products, materials, colours and textures: Yellow freshness Nature enthusiasm Blue winners Soft inspiration Warm appeal For all occasions of the heart Floral gifts full of deep feeling and affection For the … [Read more…]

Book „Shiny X-Mas“

The ultimate collection of Christmas floristry On 240 pages, this comprehensive work book summarizes the most creative ideas for Christmas season. From Living Room decoration to festive table settings and endearing gift ideas, it presents a whole bunch of inspiration for Floraldesigners an Creatives. In addition, there is advice for all the necessary techniques, overview … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s World 2/2016 Autumn • Winter

Festive elements with fine contrasts: The new Floral Designer’s Collection for Autumn, Winter and Christmas 2016! AND HERE ARE OUR THEMES: WINTER AND CHRISTMAS TRENDS Emotion, handcrafting, contemplation and yearning determine this year’s trends for the festivities. We introduce them to you with the florals that fit. ADVENT WREATHS FROM NATURE Bark, fibres, twigs and … [Read more…]

Book „Everlasting“

Floral decorations for offices and homes This book features ideas for permanent floral arrangements to suit a wide range of different rooms and architectural styles. It is a fount of ideas and full of helpful hints for any florist designing for both commercial and private customers. It supports florists and floral arrangement designers at both … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s World 1/2016 Spring • Summer

Ready for spring and summer! The thrill of new ideas! AND HERE ARE OUR THEMES: TRENDS 2016 We show you what’s up next! The latest themes, colours, products, structures and materials Relive the past Discover the city feeling Sense the handcrafting Enjoy the harmony Feel the colour power VALENTINE’S DAY Straight from the heart! Up-to-the-minute … [Read more…]