Just Christmas

Our book by trend scout and designer Marion Bauer shows contemporary decorating ideas for the Advent and Christmas season with atmospheric flower arrangements. This inspiring publication was created in collaboration with the BLOOM’s team of florists espacially Michael Sutmöller and will appeal to professional florists as well as all fans of flower arrangements. From intricate … [Read more…]

BLOOM’s VIEW 2/2019

The current issue of BLOOM’s VIEW shows floristry for the second half of the year with autumn and winter including Advent and Christmas. For this creative and high turnover time at the end of the year, the current BLOOM’s Trends Winter/Christmas 2019 will be presented in large-format pictures. Be inspired by table decorations with autumn … [Read more…]

Wooden Advent Wreath

Unearthed retro beauties and fairy-tale figurines come together in these decorations to make a Christmas celebration filled with childhood memories. Applying this particular style will create Advent wreaths with a modern interpretation coupled with nostalgic family moments. You like the idea? You find more in our VIEW Bookazine Find out how to make this wood … [Read more…]